What to do after a Bicycle Crash?

March 1, 2022

It is important to remain calm, seek medical attention, and do the following, if possible:

  • Check for Injuries – Head injuries, ranging from cuts to concussions, are common injuries in a bicycle crash. In addition, cyclists may experience fractures, spinal damage, and dislocated joints, to name a few. Seek medical attention for any injuries.
  • Call 911 – Even if the damages seem minor call law enforcement to write up a report of the accident.
  • Document the Scene – If possible, document the scene of the accident and any damage sustained to the driver of the vehicle and yourself. If you are too injured to accurately notate the damage ask a bystander to assist you. This will help your Augusta personal injury lawyer build a strong claim.
  • Get Driver Information – Like in a motor vehicle accident, getting the other person’s information is important in filing a claim with your insurance or when seeking legal action. Be sure to write down the driver’s license and insurance information. If these are not available ensure that the responding police officer takes note of this.

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