Is the Trucking Company At Fault for My Truck Accident?

Trucking Company At Fault For Car Accident
January 22, 2018

Truck accidents can be extremely devastating. The size and weight of semi-trucks can cause costly damage, serious injuries, not to mention extremely trying mental trauma. If you were injured in a trucking accident, it is important to determine who might be liable for the damages you suffered. The driver could be liable, as could the truck manufacturers, but so could the trucking company. If a trucking company is in any way negligent or careless when hiring drivers, maintaining vehicles, or otherwise caring for their trucks, they could be deemed responsible for the damages caused by a truck crash.


There are certain tasks that all trucking companies must perform in order to uphold trucking regulations. These regulations are in place in order to protect the truck drivers and everyone else on the road.


  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Truck and trailer loading techniques
  • Cargo securement requirements and weight limits
  • Drive time limitations and break requirements
  • Driver requirements, including the absence of drugs and alcohol
  • Proper truck driver training and qualification, including licensing
  • Physical wellness of truck drivers
  • Specialized testing for hazardous material carriers

If a trucking company fails to uphold any of these rules, their negligent actions could come back to bite them.


Even if an accident occurs because of a mistake made by the driver, the trucking company might still be liable for the accident. If a trucking employer fails to follow trucking regulations, he or she puts their drivers and everyone else on the road at risk. By refusing drive-time limitations or break requirements, these companies could strain their drivers and push them to the point of exhaustion, potentially causing a drowsy driving accident. Or, if the company overloads a trailer or incorrectly secures the cargo, the resulting incident would fall to their shoulders. Learn more about common causes of truck accidents in Augusta, GA.

If you were involved in an accident with a semi-truck or commercial truckour attorney can review your situation and help determine liability. We can evaluate the circumstances of your accident, gather evidence, and gauge whether or not the trucking company might be responsible.

Contact M. Austin Jackson Attorney at Law to discuss your truck accident and find out if you have a personal injury claim.

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