Each year there are numerous reports of plant accidents, malfunctions, and explosions, which can cause serious injuries or even death.


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For many southern states in the U.S., chemical plants fuel the economy. The Houston, Texas area alone houses hundreds of plants, with many more scattered throughout the south. When properly managed, these plants can be safe, but even the smallest oversight or careless act could lead to an extremely dangerous and damaging accident.

Chemical accidents can cause exposure to dangerous gases or liquids, or might even lead to explosions. If you were working at the plant or live nearby, you might have suffered burns, broken bones, head injuries, respiratory problems, lacerations, contusions, or even death. In the event that your injuries or the death of your loved one was caused by the negligence or mistakes of the plant manager, owner, parts manufacturers, or other parties, you might have a personal injury case.


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At M. Austin Jackson Attorney at Law, our lawyers understand how painful, frustrating, and overwhelming it can be to suffer a serious injury. We are confident we have the skills and knowledge necessary to defend your rights and seek compensation for the injuries you sustained. We have handled thousands of successful personal injury cases, and we want to help you too.



No two cases are quite alike. The amount of financial compensation available in your claim will depend on a number of factors, including (but not limited to):

  • The severity of your injuries
  • The nature of any other damages you might be able to claim
  • The number of parties liable
  • Whether you were partially at fault too (note that this is not a bar to recovering money in many cases)
  • The relevant insurance policy limits
  • Any statutory caps or limitations that might apply
  • All the other factors and circumstances surrounding your claim.

We understand, however, that your potential for financial recovery is an important part of your decision about whether to take legal action. We also understand how important that money is to you and your family — you’ve suffered real losses, you may have missed work, you have bills to pay, and so on.

While no one can promise specific results in advance, what we can offer you is a free, no-obligation consultation with our Augusta personal injury lawyer. Call us or contact us online, tell us about your situation, and we can help you learn more about the damages you might be entitled to.

We can also tell you how much money people with similar claims have recovered in Georgia in the past.

In some cases, you may be entitled to much more money than you realize. For that reason, it is important to discuss your claim closely (and confidentially) with an experienced attorney before making any decisions about your legal rights.

Too many injury victims feel that legal action is out of the question due to the legal fees they expect to accumulate. Many are already facing substantial financial burdens due to their accident and hiring legal counsel may seem out of the question.

At M. Austin Jackson, Attorney at Law, we are well-versed with the expenses and concerns injury victims face in the wake of their accident. That is why we often work on contingency fees. That means we charge our clients nothing until we secure them a financial recovery. That way, any injury victim can have access to experienced, vigilant counsel to pursue the relief they know they deserve during this difficult time.

While Georgia law does not require you to hire a personal injury lawyer, doing so may be in your best interest.

That’s because most personal injury claims are filed against an insurance company — a large and powerful corporation that will work very hard to pay you as little money as possible.

Far from the promises they make in their TV commercials, insurers exist to make themselves a profit — not to be your neighbor, friend, or a helping hand.

Taking on an insurance company by yourself can be a real challenge. Insurance adjustors are specially trained in the art of reducing the company’s financial liability whenever possible. Additionally, they have extensive resources and entire legal teams to support them.

By hiring an Augusta personal injury lawyer, you can level the playing field. In fact, insurance companies may view your claim differently the moment you hire a lawyer. After all, their best hope is to make your claim go away as quickly as possible (and for the smallest amount of money possible). The last thing they want is a costly trial, especially if they believe they might lose. Your lawyer can be helpful in persuading the insurer that reaching a fair settlement is in everyone’s best interest.

In a perfect world, insurance companies would always do the right thing, and they would always take accident victims seriously whether they hire a lawyer or not. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Accidents at chemical plants may be caused by the following:

  • Malfunctioning or poorly maintained alarm system
  • Poor ventilation
  • Inadequately contained chemicals, especially flammable liquids
  • Failure to maintain equipment and machinery
  • Improper or lack of safety procedure training
  • Unsafe design of the plant itself or containment vessels
  • Violations of state or federal requirements

Although chemical plants and refineries are subject to strict safety requirements by both the state and federal government, disasters continue to occur.


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