March 15, 2022

There are many different types of nursing home abuse, some are more subtle than others.

Some of the most commonly reported types of abuse in nursing home facilities include:

  • Neglect or Abandonment – Over half of all reported cases of elder abuse are due to neglect. It can be intentional or unintentional, based on factors such as ignorance or denial that a senior needs as much care as he or she does.
  • Physical Abuse – This type of abuse typically involves hitting, slapping, pinching, or the overuse of restraints. Neglect is also considered physical abuse.
  • Exploiting Residents Financially – Financial exploitation of elderly people is commonplace in nursing home facilities. Some nursing home employees may even befriend residents and abuse their trust by gaining access to their credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Sexual Abuse – Sexual abuse includes verbal harassment and unwanted touching. This is especially problematic when patients have diminished cognitive skills and cannot effectively communicate with others.
  • Psychological Abuse – This is perhaps the most difficult type of abuse to identify in nursing home patients. Psychological abuse can be yelling, shaming, or belittling residents who often have behavior changes as a result.

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